We Know Her Well by the Mojave Collective.

This is a live recording, with three members of the Mojave Collective, from July 2009. Here, myself, James Barton (drums and backing vocals) and Pete Johnson (pedal-steel) were working out some parts for We Know Her Well. I decided to record and film the jam. The Mojave Collective split in 2011, but we did record one album, Rust & Dust, released in 2008.

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We Know Her Well Lyrics.

It was said she flirts with danger just like she flirts with every guy in town
Her door is always open; her bed is warm regardless of who’s around

She’ll drink you right under the table
She’ll love you as long as you’re able
to read between the lines of every fable she lays down.

Her bed is like a stage you know she’s always willing to perform
When your out her eyes will wander
though she doesn’t seem to think it will do no harm

She’ll be on a man like a dog on a bone
She’s entertaining When you think she’s alone
Your heart would have to be made out of stone
I’m going home

You think you know her well but the stranger knows her better than you
He fills you in with stories of the things that she and he often do.

Any girl in the would could be like her
Just lie on their back on forget to care
Nothing for a man to do but despair…if it were.

Copyright January 2006 words written by Mark Pountney.

We just set up in my parent’s front room and played. The setup worked quite well. Jay used brushes on the drum kit. To mic it, we used a cheap, Samson drum microphone set for the kick, snare and tom. For an overhead, I used a stereo ribbon microphone, made by HDW Audio, which I imported from USA.  Pete played a twin-neck MSA through a Fender Champion (solid state). I used a Sennheiser 609e on that. I played a Guild GAD JF48, miked with a vintage Electrovoice PL10, and I sang through a vintage Sennheiser MD421. The ribbon microphone does a great job of picking up Jay’s backing vocals… it also picked up when he caught the hi-hat by mistake at 2:38. You can see him laugh about it in the clip.

All the microphones went in to a Mackie Onyx 1200F and on to a really old Acer laptop. I think it was mixed using Mackie Tracktion and mastered using TRacks. The video was shot on one of those old DV camcorders. Somehow, it didn’t seem so arcaic at the time.

We Know Her Well does not currently appear on any albums.