Maybe It’s Time (A Star Is Born) – Cover – Bradley Cooper – how to play

A cover version of Maybe It’s Time from the movie a Star is born, which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Lyrics and chords below..this is how I played it anyways, after listening to it a couple of times.

[Chorus 1]

G               C          G
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
C                                                             G
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
It takes a lot to change a man
G                     Em
Hell, it takes a lot to try
D                                             C             G
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die

[Verse 1](chords same as chorus)

Nobody knows what waits for the dead
Nobody knows what waits for the dead
Some folks just believe in the things they’ve heard and things they read
Nobody knows what awaits for the dead

[Verse 2]
C                                                                           G
I’m glad I can’t go back to where I came from
C                                                                       G
I’m glad those days are gone, gone for good
C                                                            G                    Em
But If I could take spirits from my past and bring them here you
know I would

Know I would

[Verse 3] (chords same as chorus)

Nobody speaks to God these days
Nobody speaks to God these days
I’d like to think he’s lookin’ down and laughin’ at our ways
Nobody speaks to God these days

[Verse 4] (chords same as verse 2)
When I was a child they tried to fool me
Said the worldly man was lost and that a Hell was real
But I’ve seen Hell in Reno And this world’s one big old Catherine wheel Spinning still

[Chorus 2]

Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
It takes a lot to change your plans
And a train to change your mind
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die

Oh, maybe it’s time to let the old ways die

Jimmy Campbell Michelangelo (cover)

This version of  Michelangelo by Jimmy Campbell was recorded for submission to BBC Radio Merseyside to celebrate their 50th Birthday. Billy Butler, a former Cavern DJ who has been with the station for over four decades, invited members of the music community to submit covers of songs released in 1967.

Jimmy Campbell tribute – 50 years since the release of Michelangelo.


Young Jimmy Campbell
Jimmy Campbell

In his lifetime, Jimmy Campbell received very little recognition, despite being an excellent songwriter. Born in Liverpool, he was a member of the Merseybeat group the Kirbys. Apparently, they adopted this name following a mix-up by the Cavern Club Compare, Bob Wooler, who announced the area that they originated from instead of the band name, which was the Panthers (previously the Tuxedos). After becoming professional The Kirbys recorded for RCA under the management of Brian Epstein’s former secretary Beryl Adams. His songs were recorded by his contemporaries; the Escorts, the Merseys and the Swinging Blue Jeans.


Moving with the times and steering toward a more psychedelic flavoured sound the band changed their name to the 23rd Turn Off (an exit off the M6). The group’s first single was Michelangelo and was released on Decca’s Deram label in 1967. Very few of the Merseybeat artists, such as the Beatles, were able to successfully make the artistic transition from exciting beat music to credible psychedelia, but Jimmy did. There is a collection of tracks from this period called The Dream of Michelangelo it features recording by the Kirbys and some 23rd Turn Off demos.

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He went on the record three albums as a solo artist for the Fontana label: Son of Anastasia (1969), Half-Baked (1970) and The Jimmy Campbell Album (1972). During this time he also worked with Billy Kinsley, of the Merseybeats, and recorded an album called Yes it is (1971) as Rockin’ Horse.

The Liverpool-based label, Viper, which is run by Mike Badger and Paul Hemmings, both formerly of the La’s, have also released a couple of albums containing a collection of Live and unreleased material: Jimmy Campbell ‘Troubadour’ Lost Recordings and Jimmy Campbell ‘Live 1977’.

Rockin' Horse band
Rockin’ Horse: Billy Kinsley – Bass Guitar, Vocals; Jimmy Campbell – Guitar, Vocals; Stan Gorman – Drums; Bobby Falloon – Lead guitar; Mike Snow – Organ, Piano Source : Liverpool Echo

I’m not going to say too much about Jimmy’s music here as it is something I’d like to write more about in future.

In this recording I played the guitar and vocals live, that’s how I came to get the lyrics muddled in the last verse. I later doubled the vocal and added a shaker, tambo and a cymbal. The vocals were recorded using an Audio Technica AT4033 and the classical guitar was miked with a Rode NT3.

For more information about Jimmy Campbell check out.