She’s Got a Plan – Live at the Barfly Liverpool 5th june 2007

This performance of she’s got a plan at the Barfly was supporting Christian Kane, who was famous for being a character in the Angel TV series. Follwing my set he can on stage and said “Hey that guy can sure sing his ass off!”

I later recorded the song for the Live at Home album.

Live at Home Front cover
Live at Home Front cover


I don’t know why the feelin’ still grows from the top of my head to the tips of my toes
But the girl I’m taking out tonight there’s something about her that don’t seem quite right.
I can’t seem to scratch the itch when I’m grooving to the music like a son of a bitch,
She’s looking like the devil and talking like a saint she say that she I but I know that she ain’t

And I think that she’s got a plan, I think that she’s got a plan, I think that she’s got a plan she’s gonna bring me down if she can.

Rumor has it that on route to Bombay she was questioned by a dude from the CIA. She crossed her heart and hoped to die she said she was with me now. I’m her alibi.
I asked he once but she punched my eyed why she’s got more gadgets than a double “O” spy, she took me upstairs and loved me half to death
Asking these questions isn’t good for my health

Time rolled on and it all worked out and she’s saved my life beyond the shadow of a doubt
She saved me from a couple of assassinations ain’t some consolation
Apparently I’m the spit of a guy who I wanted in the east and sentenced to die
Bounty hunters came from miles around each one trying to put me down

Copyright January 2005 words written by Mark Pountney